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"A perpetrator’s greatest gift is a victim’s silence. Your voice will make difference"

Previously known as The Voice of a Survivor, recently rebranding to the new and improved name, Warriors Advocacy.

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If you have suffered institutional abuse which has left you with debilitating psychological or physical injuries, we’ll help you get in touch with professionals who can assist you in achieving natural justice, receiving compensation, and help you to get your life back on track.

We act on behalf of abuse survivors and work with some of Australia’s most established law firms.

We can connect you with associated law firms that are most suited to your individual circumstances.

Our expert consultants ensure your voice is heard and your story is told, and that you are treated with dignity and respect throughout the process.


If you have suffered sexual or physical abuse within an institutional, call us 


At Warriors Advocacy:


We know that taking action can be frightening, but we promise to be there with you through the process. We will be there to support you in meetings with lawyers and other service providers, who we know can help turn your life around.

We know, because some of our people have also been victims of institutional abuse.

Our services are tailored to the individual needs of institutional abuse survivors and victims of personal injuries. All of your interactions with us are strictly confidential.



Examples of institutions who may be perpetrators of abuse:

  • Children’s homes

  • Foster Care

  • Department of Child Safety (DOCS/FACS)

  • Community, culture, arts & hobby groups

  • Correctional Centres

  • Out-of-home care

  • Disability institutions

  • Family group homes

  • Historical residential institutions

  • Police Care & Watchhouse

  • Hostels and emergency accommodation

  • Immigration detention

  • Industrial schools

  • Mental hospitals

  • Military or cadets

  • Missions, reserves & related residential institutions

  • Orphanages

  • Psychiatric facilities

  • Reformatories

  • Religious institutions

  • Schools

  • Sport & recreation groups

  • Scouts & Girl Guides

  • Training homes

  • Training schools

  • Youth detention


At Warriors Advocacy, we endeavour to:


  • Provide support services through expert legal consultants

  • Make the claim process easier 

  • Provide a 'bridge' between the lawyers and you

  • Work in association with select legal firms across Australia

  • Provide investigative services for clients and legal firms

  • Work with a wide network of specialist support services

  • Provide guidance for mental health support and support services 

  • Offer a personable and caring team

  • Show that some of us are also abuse survivors sharing our stories


We’ll help show you that there is no shame in reporting your experience of abuse

If you’ve suffered sexual, emotion, psychological or physical abuse at the hands of institutions, talk to us.

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