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Youth Detention Centre's Damanging Legacy

Leteisha Campbell, from Voice of a Survivor, says the "public definitely needs to find out what is happening". ABC News: Scott Kyle

“We’ve had multiple other people, males and females within Reiby, that have been [allegedly] abusing children.

“The public definitely needs to find out what is happening. Child sex abuse is rarely spoken about.”



Breaking Free | Russell Manser

Introduced by notorious prison escapee John Killick

Russell Manser was a notorious bank robber and escapee who seemed destined to spend the rest of his life behind bars. But behind his repeat offending lay a crippling secret from his teenage years.

When he finally sought justice for these wrongs, life took an unexpected turn

Now the bank robber turned businessman is assisting others who want justice for crimes long buried. But it’s been a rocky road to redemption.

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