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Warriors Advocacy is a safe haven for individuals who have suffered emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse. We understand how difficult and traumatic these experiences can be, and we are here to help you navigate the complex legal and emotional landscape of institutional abuse cases. Our team of experts is passionate about advocating for survivors and ensuring that their voices are heard. If you are looking for support and guidance during this challenging time, look no further than Warriors Advocacy.

Who We Help

We support people in the criminal justice system

We provide support to help incarcerated clients break their cycle of offending, and address any institutional abuse they’ve suffered.

We encourage self-analysis, and we’re uniquely positioned to help through the knowledge that comes from our own lived experiences.

We support Australia’s First Nations people

In addition to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of institutional sexual or physical abuse , we’re passionate about helping members of the ‘Stolen Generation’ address the trauma and harm suffered through forced removal from their families

We also help victims of personal injuries

Our success in helping victims of institutional abuse has led us to extend our services to assist some victims of personal injury. Call for a chat to see if we are able to help you.

Our Services

By having the courage to speak up, survivors can hand their shame, anger, hate and guilt, back to its rightful owner – the perpetrator.


Why We Help

Warriors Advocacy was established after the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse as a way to help survivors of childhood abuse who do not know where to begin when it comes to seeking natural justice and compensation.

Russell Manser, was a victim of institutional sexual abuse while serving time in jail, and he spoke out after the royal commission.

We are passionate about helping others and have made it our goal to support survivors through the process of healing and reparation.


How We Help

We start by providing a safe and private environment to tell your story and we guarantee your confidentiality through the entirety of the claim process. Our approach to interviewing makes it easier for you to provide the facts necessary to begin the process.

Once the relevant facts are established, we put you in contact with the law firm and other service providers that we believe are the people best suited to help you. Then we continue to advocate for you and support you through every step of the process.


Positive Experience

Sadly, many clients come to us with a complete lack of faith in the legal process, due to their past experiences with ‘the system’.

Be assured the lawyers we work with are committed to achieving the best outcome for you – and they’ll treat you with respect, kindness and understanding throughout the process.

Where necessary, we’ll bridge the ‘cultural gap’ between you and your lawyers or service providers. We’ll be your ears and your voice when appropriate; and ensure you have a complete understanding of everything taking place.



Our life experiences ensure we understand our clients, and ‘speak their language’ – that helps us guide you to the best outcome for your situation.

We help lawyers engage with you in a way that is appropriate and takes heed of your cultural and social circumstances.

If you find yourself struggling with the claim process or related personal and social challenges at any time, we’ll be there to listen, and to help.

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